Saturday, 5 November 2011

when mathematician express the love...

0 was me b4 u enter, like a straight line never see end point, be a x without y axis value, then u come bring the y, create me an equation, bend the line graph of me, powering my 0 heart by 0, let me feels infinite emotion, then i differentiate the equation to find ur heart, be around in circle mind, just like a pie never ending values every moment u exist in my mind,

1 by 1, equation with equation, resulted me no answers, bring me to unending calculation, then I stop n start over the question, to look what was I miss the step, as hope an good answer let me dis pointed, I finally realize u also 0 just like me, with how many type of combination, its will never change my zero values, u cant neutralize my negatively charge n sme goes on opposite charge, but however only u can powered me to infinite values, after all u still meaningful to me

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